Using the Help Index

The Help Index provides step-by-step instructions for using eCSSS.


Opening Help





The Help Index opens in a separate window from the eCSSS screen. Here's an overview.



Browsing Help Topics


To browse help topics, click on the Contents button in the top left corner. Click on icons to browse through topics.


How Information is Organized


Most instructions are organized according to the Student Support Process (SSP) stages they belong to.



Each section begins with an About … document that provides an overview and definitions for the topic. This is followed by more detailed instructions for the topic.



TIP: Toggle between eCSSS and Help


You can toggle between eCSSS and the Help Index in the same manner you toggle between any two windows. You can do either of the following:


TIP: Print Help Topics


To print a Help topic, do the following:

  1. Find the document you wish to print.

  2. Click anywhere in the document.

  3. On your mouse, click the right button.

  4. Select Print.


Closing Help


Click the Close Help button.