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About eCSSS

eCSSS stands for electronic Comprehensive Student Support System.


eCSSS is the application used by the Hawaii Department of Education to track students who receive supports and services. As an integrated system, eCSSS is the single source for documenting student support activity of all types and service levels.


eCSSS enables users to capture the full range of information required when documenting services. This can include: documenting referrals, evaluations, conferences, notices, eligibility status, goals and objectives, visit records, consents, services and incidents.


As a Web-based application, eCSSS allows secured user access anytime and anywhere.  


Through a central database, the DOE is able to gather information from many sources yet retain “a single story of a student.” In doing so, eCSSS plays a key role in ensuring that students receive the appropriate support and intervention, which leads to learning and success.

About the Help Index

This Help Index provides step-by-step instructions for using eCSSS. If you are new to eCSSS, a helpful way to learn about the application is to view documents in the Table of Contents format (click on the Contents button in the top-left corner). This format presents information by topics.  About pages in each section provide introductory information for features.  By walking through the topics from the first to the last, you will have a greater understanding of each feature within the context of the rest of the application.  


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