Student Lists

The Student Lists tab on the Home page allows you to create multiple lists of students. The function is similar to bookmarks on Web browsers, where you can quickly access student profiles from the home page.


Toggle Student List: Once you establish your student lists, you can quickly make any of them the main display in your "bookmark" drop-down menu. To do so, select any list under Toggle Student List. Students who belong to your selected list will now display in the drop-down menu.


To create a list:


  1. From the Home page, select the Student Lists tab.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Enter a List Name. This can be any name of your choosing that will be a short reference to the list of students you will create.

  4. If you want this list of students to be the main list that you access from the from the Home page drown-down list, check Set as the Student Bookmark List. Mark as Set as eEWS List if this list should be linked to the user in eEWS.

    In the screenshot above, the Services list has been selected as the Student Bookmark List. This gives you quick access to Student Profiles so you do not have to do a search each time you want to work with a student record. The drop-down list remains blank until you manually add students to the list, a process that is described in below.

  5. If applicable, select a Smart List. Smart Lists are preset student lists based on your ties to the student. For example, choosing the IEP Coordinator smart list will assemble a list of students for whom you are the IEP Coordinator. Selecting Student Team will assemble a list of students who belong to the Student Team you are on.

    NOTE: If no Smart List applies, leave this field blank. You will be able to select students in the steps to follow. Smart Lists are not editable.

  6. Click Save.

  7. You are now back on the Student Lists tab. Notice that List Name is now displayed under Student Lists.

  8. To add students to your new list, highlight it, the click Add Students.

  9. Use the search and filter functions to Add Single Student or Add Multiple Students.

    1. If using the Add Multiple Students tab to add students to a list at least one other search parameter in addition to School must be used to search for students.


  1. Click Save. Your students are now part on the list. Remember the list you bookmark will display in the drop-down menu (top-right) all students you have added to the list.

  2. Students may also be added to your "bookmark" list by clicking the Add to Student List link (below the LiveSearch field) in the Demographics Summary of the Student Profile.