About the Student Profile

The Student Profile is the “master” record for each student and serves as the starting point for recording all support activity. You access the Student Profile by first searching for a student


The Student Profile screen provides access to the following:



The Student Profile contains the student's Demographics Summary across the top of the record, as well as on the Demographics tab of the profile.


You can create one or more lists of students from the Home page, then set one of the lists to be your bookmark list, which is accessed through the drop-down list shown below (pictured as -- Default -- below). Clicking the Add to Student List link (boxed under the LiveSearch field) adds the current Student Profile record to the bookmark drop-down list.




Tabs in the Student Profile


The Student Profile contains several tabbed pages that allow you to perform a variety of functions related to the student.




The following additional tabs are shown on Page 2 of the Student Profile, which you can navigate to by selecting Page 2 in the Select Profile View field in the top right corner of the screen.




Page 1


The following tabs are the default tabs that display once you locate a student record. NOTE: You can change the default display of tabs in the Student Profile by using the User Preferences function.



Page 2


The following tabs can be accessed by selecting Page 2 of the Student Profile (from a selection box in the upper right corner of the Student Profile screen):