The Actions tab contains fields that impact the IEP cycle.






Enter or review information into fields as appropriate.

  1. IEP Type - The IEP Type is automatically assigned. (Learn about IEP Types.)

  2. IEP Annual Due / Reevaluation Dates  - Please note the following:

  3. For Parent was provided an explanation ... enter a date.

  4. For Parent was provided a copy ... enter a date.

  5. The IEP Conference Dates box displays conference dates that have the Actual Purpose marked as IEP. Conferences that have not been credited toward a previous IEP are listed in the box.

    After doing a New Version, these buttons become available:

    Please note how each button works:

  6. Care Coordinator - This box displays the name of the Care Coordinator(s). (Assigning a Care Coordinator is one of several prerequisites for activating an IEP.)

  7. IEP Date - This is the date of the last Actual Conference with Actual Purpose marked IEP.

  8. Service Availability Date – The Service Availability Date is when all services in the IEP are available for the student, regardless of when the services are projected to actually begin. For records with a 60-Day Timeline that already ended or have an active IEP prior to July 19, 2010, the Service Availability Date will continue to be displayed in the IEP. For records with a 60-Day Timeline that have not ended and the Timeline Start Date on the Evaluation Status is on or after November 23, 2009, the Service Availability Date will no longer be required to activate an IEP.

On IEPs created after July 19, 2010, the Service Availability Date is no longer used, and is not displayed.


  1. Activating the IEP - Please note the following

    1. The Prerequisites for Activating box indicates prerequisites that have been met.

    2. The Activate IEP (PWNs Given to Parent) is checkable only after all prerequisites are met. After the parent has been informed about the IEP, mark the checkbox.

      This box cannot be checked unless all prerequisite tasks are completed. Saving the IEP with this field checked will cause the document to be versioned. (Learn more.)


  2. Reenrolled with Overdue Hawaii Annual IEP - This is an indicator used for reporting purposes. Most IEPs will not have this checkbox because it relates to students who leave the DOE system, then reenter. Please note that this indicator is displayed automatically when the following is true:

    1. Current date is on or after the IEP Annual Due Date AND

    2. Student’s current Admission Date is on or after the IEP Annual Due Date.
      The indicator is displayed on the active IEP.

  3. Once the IEP is complete, Save it.

  4. To print, click Print Form. This button is displayed only after you click Save.

  5. You may proceed as appropriate to other areas of the IEP:


More about IEPs: